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Licensed English and French speaking psychologist in Berlin

I am a licensed clinical psychologist based in Berlin. I provide consultations for French and English speakers. I also hold the title of Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (HeilprG), which allows me to practice Psychotherapy in Germany.


I welcome you to my office in the district of Mitte and also offer remote sessions (Zoom / Skype).

Sabrine Chetioui, psychologue francophone à Berlin
Nuages ​​rose

Moving abroad is a process which, although very exciting, can be very complicated and requires a lot of mental adaptation


Faced with these difficulties, it is important to find an empathic ear that does not involve translation issues

My approach

In my practice, I pay a particular attention to the uniqueness of each person, beyond a diagnosis. I strive to hear the uniqueness of each story and its unconscious repetitions.

By supporting your journey, we will work together on a progressive appeasement of psychic conflicts. 

My work in perinatal care as a psychologist in Berlin
My work in perinatal care
My work with adults
My work with adults
Nuages ​​rose

Why reach out for help?

Making the decision to see a mental health professional is not an easy one. For some, this decision can create a fear of stigma. For others, it can lead to a sense of failure, of "not having made it on your own". The decision to reach out for help is rather a first courageous step towards the exit of a current functioning source of psychological suffering. Indeed, our psychological resources are not infinite and can be exhausted by latent and old psychological conflicts or by painful life events (divorce, bereavement, loss of job, etc.)


Consultations with a psychologist will therefore allow you to engage in a process of reflection and introspection. During this work, we will be able to identify together the blocks and repetitions that can occur in your personal history and hinder your psychological functioning. In a confidential and supportive environment, words can be put onto your emotions. Through these reflections, the process of change can then start.

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