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My approach

In my practice, I pay a particular attention to the uniqueness of each person, beyond a diagnosis. I strive to hear the uniqueness of each story and its unconscious repetitions.


By supporting your journey, we will work together on a progressive appeasement of psychic conflicts. 

My work in perinatal care

Working with adults

My work in perinatal care: why and for whom?

From the period of desire for a child, through pregnancy, birth and infancy

My work in perinatal care as a psychologist in Berlin

Perinatal care encompasses the period of desire for a child, pregnancy, birth and infancy. Because, having a child... What a journey! It is an important decision that involves psychological, physical, physiological and even social changes. 

Becoming a parent is indeed a dizzying psychological journey that brings us face to face with the child we were and that is still present in us. We will become someone's parent, while being someone's child ourselves. A child who remains present in us, sometimes bruised and nestled deep in our psyche. This child in us reappears unmasked at the time of the pregnancy, opening the door to what is called "psychic transparency." The veil is lifted from the most deeply rooted memories. 

If the desire to conceive a child brings joy and happiness, the access to parenthood also brings many doubts and uncertainties.

"What kind of parent will I be?"

"Will I be like my mother/father?"

"Will I love my child even if I feel I have not been truly loved?"

"Have I received enough love to be able to give it back?"


When the pregnancy has generated many questions and a great deal of anxiety, the first bonds of attachment between parent and baby can be more difficult to establish. 

Faced with such physiological, physical and psychological upheavals, consultation may be necessary so that you feel supported and less guilty about your difficulties as a new parent. The couple, faced with the arrival of a child, can experience trouble in their dynamics, their compatibility, their communication or their sexuality and could benefit from support sessions.


With over five years experience in a maternity ward as well as in perinatal consultation, I can confidently support you in your entry into parenthood as well as being an extremely attentive and empathetic listener.

My work with adults as a psychologist in Berlin

Working with adults

Getting the help you need to get through difficult moments in life that can open up old wounds

What does it mean to be an adult?

For many people, being an adult means ceasing to be a child or at least, ceasing to act like one. But even as adults, we remain someone's child. A child is in us, sometimes with its challenges, wounds, and unresolved traumas. Various symptoms can then result: depressive affects, chronic anxiety, difficulties with peers, complicated love relationships or even self-sabotage with the feeling of having "one's feet in concrete."


If these old events have not had the opportunity to be resolved, they may reappear as a result of new life events (divorce, job loss, bereavement, pregnancy, etc.). The untreated past events will then affect our capacity for psychological processing and resilience in the face of these new life events. 


Together, in a safe and confidential setting, we can revisit painful life events that you are going through. These life events may open the door to older events, which will allow us to have a better understanding of your current reactions and patterns. The sessions thus open the possibility of a movement in the psychological processes, with the aim of overcoming your mental obstacles.

Nuages ​​rose
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